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From superior products to excellent client experience, we have a reputation for meeting the demands from start to finish.

Our Process


When it comes to recycling, every single piece counts. In our sourcing process, we receive gently used clothing, like-new shoes, and brand-name items from wholesalers.


Sourced materials get into sorting next. We ensure state-of-the-art practices from inspection to assortment, directing the appropriate textile into different categories and grading processing.


Different fabrics require different recycling methods. We optimize our processes aligned with client-specific requirements to get the intended products in quality and quantity.

Our Recycling Process

We Collect, Sort and Process until no item is left. Our no-compromise rule on premium grading standards ensures we ship out textiles of the highest quality. We manually inspect every piece before dispatching, establishing quality our customers can rely on.

Vintage Clothing

Our specialization in recycling vintage clothing not only gives a second life to discarded garments but also helps us to play our part in keeping the fashion industry eco-friendly.

Pre-Used Shoes

Quality designer shoes are regularly discarded by the general public. We restore these shoes to give our customers a chance to experience premium footwear.

Soft and Hard Toys

Discarded toys lead to severe environmental problems when done on a large scale. Our recycling helps meet the demand for toy items while keeping the planet a little greener.

Style, Value and Quality
Beyond Compare

From the collection, we build the foundation. We ensure well-graded merchandise with exceptional pricing for our vendors and customers American Rags has gained a great reputation for quality, we never compromise on it.

Our wholesale athletic used Clothing, casual footwear and vintage clothing meet the needs and demands of international markets. We work tirelessly with dedicated department teams to customize, pack and export Clothing to Many markets in Far East , Africa and Asia.


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